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Post by Dorn » Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:25 am

I'm unsure where else to post this, so it's going in here! I've recently been playing around with this, and I'm some queries.

1) I realize this is supposed to be an extremely rare thing that is both very hard to get hold of, and that the Staff in general seems to want to have the more "unusual" things be very short term to create a constant drain in resources. However, due to the amount of hoops that must be jumped to get hold of this substance and use it could there possibly be a way to repair it? Whether by utilizing the same methods that it is constructed in the first place, requiring another set of conditions entirely, or something else.

As it stands, it seems like it is mostly a RP alternative for some characters to its base form rather than a serious contender to be the Nether alternative to Celestium/Sunsteel. By that, I mean, it's supposed to be a temporary item/disposable item instead of a relic that a character may end up with them for the rest of their lives. I'd say this is "unfair" but I know balance between Light/Nether is always going to be for the Light in the equation, but I will say... it's not fun? As it stands, these sort of characters pretty much just have Bronze with Cobalt as a slight more durable alternative. It would have been nice to have something else sustainable.

Maybe it's my personality, but I'm one of those people who find one-use items in games and then never uses them because I always think "maybe for the next fight I'll need it". I feel like it isn't the same as the base form, just because there is always more of that around both found, bought, and from events.

2) Perhaps this is a misunderstanding with the material, due to the usual way myths of yore work in Clok but I was always lead to believe that Nethrium didn't interfere with Sorcery. Either this is currently bugged, or it just reduces the interference rate a little instead of radically and I'm not noticing it because I'm not familiar with the matter. If it isn't meant to, why be able to make pieces of armor at all when combined with the above?

3) I guess that's it. Regardless of concerns and queries, I do like the RP fluff of it and hope I'll end up utilizing it more in some of my endeavors. Thank you for the addition.
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