Pouch Warriors

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Pouch Warriors

Post by Lun » Thu Apr 06, 2017 8:25 pm

Pouch Warriors was designed as a way for noncombatants to enjoy a battlefield without having to go out of their way to train themselves like maniacs that don't know pain or fear of dying. The victor is decided through a combination of wit, and strategy! Count your remaining carvings, look at your opponents hand, and plan ahead!

Commands are as follow:
SHUFFLE <CONTAINER>; to shuffle the contents
TRANSFER <material> <carving name> CARVING FROM <graveyard designated container> TO GROUND; to bring a carving from the graveyard to the field
TRANSFER <material> <carving name> CARVING FROM GROUND TO <graveyard designated container>; to destroy a carving.

General Rules

1. There are two players in every duel.

2. Each player makes a pouch with 16 to 24 carvings. 20 carvings total are recommended. Shuffle pouches in front of your opponent before a duel.

3. Each player's castle starts with 6 Life Points. If a player runs out of Life Points, they lose.

4. The players take turns. At the start of each turn, the turn player picks one carving from their pouch. If a player cannot pick because there are no more carvings in their pouch, that player loses one LP. If a player is forced to draw when both their hands are full, they must discard one carving from their hands into the graveyard designated container before drawing.

5. On your turn, you can normal summon one combat carving. This does not include special summoning via revival: You can activate the monk commodity to revive a basic carving, then use your normal summon to exchange the basic carving for an advanced carving.

6. The player that goes first cannot declare an attack on his first turn.

Carving Information

1. There are two kinds of carvings, Combat Carvings and Commodity Carvings.

2. Commodity Carvings can only be played on the turn player’s turn unless otherwise stated, and are used to affect other cards or players. You are limited to two of any one type of Commodity Carving, i.e. two dragons, two bards maximum.

3. Used or destroyed carvings go to the Graveyard designated container set next to the players.

4. Combat carvings are separated into two classes, basic and advanced. Carvings of the same class battling will result in mutual destruction, whereas an advanced class will destroy a basic class.

5. To summon an advanced carving, you must send to the graveyard one basic combat carving from the field that is under your control.

6. Each carving can attack once per turn. If the opponent has a combat carving on the field, you must first destroy all defending combat carvings before declaring an attack on their castle.

Miscellaneous Rules
1. All carvings in your pouch must be of the same material to prevent mixing with other players’ carvings. It is recommended to have two pouches with different material carvings for impromptu duels, i.e. a walnut carving set and an oak carving set. (So if your opponent has a walnut set, you can use your oak set, or vice versa.)


Combat Carvings:
Basic: Man, Woman
Advanced: Soldier, Mage, Knight, Archer, Ranger

Commodity Carvings:
Child: Negate an attack or commodity carving effect this turn. If used on a commodity carving, destroy that carving. This carving can be played on either player’s turn.
Roc: Return a carving from the field to its owner’s hand.
Dragon: Send all carvings from the field to the graveyard.
Horse: Equip to a combat carving. Treat that combat carving as one class higher. Send this carving to the graveyard if the equipped combat carving is destroyed in any way.
Thief: Take a carving from your opponent’s hands.
Sorcerer: Summon a combat carving of the same material from the graveyard to the field. It cannot attack this turn.
Cart: Draw carvings from your pouch until your hand is full.
Scholar: Put one carving from your hand into your pouch, SHUFFLE, then draw a carving from your pouch.
Bard: Target combat carving cannot attack until your next turn.
Monk: Summon a combat carving of the same material from the graveyard to the field. It cannot attack this turn.
Lion: Send a carving from your opponent’s hand to the graveyard.
Blacksmith: Return a commodity carving of the same material from the graveyard to your hand. It cannot be played this turn.
Logger: Add 1 Life Point to your current castle Life Points.
Miner: Draw two carvings from your pouch, discard one.

Code: Select all

[u]Example deck: "Logger's Camp"[/u]
5x Logger
3x Soldier
2x Roc
2x Thief
2x Monk
1x Scholar
2x Child
1x Cart
2x Lion
Total: 20 carvings

[u]Example deck: "Pick them all"[/u]
1x Blacksmith
1x Logger
1x Miner
1x Man
1x Woman
1x Soldier
1x Mage
1x Knight
1x Archer
1x Ranger
1x Child
1x Roc
1x Dragon
1x Horse
1x Thief
1x Sorcerer
1x Cart
1x Scholar
1x Bard
1x Monk
1x Horse
1x Lion
Total: 21 carvings
Got any questions? Post them here! I'm really excited to finally release to the public the game I've been working on for the last few weeks.

Estimated playtime: 1 hour
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Re: Pouch Warriors

Post by Jirato » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:14 pm

I think that's really cool! Makes me happy to see folks building games within the games. I think someone designed a dice game awhile back too...

If you guys come up with any more ideas for little games or easy stuff to do like this and need a code tweak or a new command like what we did with SHUFFLE and PICK, let me know.
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Re: Pouch Warriors

Post by Kiyaani » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:16 pm

So glad you're finally bringing this to the boards, man :) I know you put a lot of work into this. It's good to see it being supported! Now, what are you charging for a pre-carved set so I don't have to collect one myself? ;)

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Re: Pouch Warriors

Post by Bryce » Fri Apr 07, 2017 2:21 pm

There needs to be a way to use the Immortals figurines. Throw us collectors a bone.
ask jes for date
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Re: Pouch Warriors

Post by Lun » Sat Oct 07, 2017 2:39 pm

Bump! Happy Octum Festival, everyone! Figurines are being sold at the festival grounds so you can build your own Pouches!

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Re: Pouch Warriors

Post by Tangela » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:08 pm

Do you have to use special carvings, or could wood carvers create and sell their own sets, maybe with wood/quality chosen by the player?

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Re: Pouch Warriors

Post by Lun » Sat Oct 07, 2017 3:29 pm

Pouch Warriors was designed with woodworked carvings in mind.

It's preferred that you use handcarven sets. An unofficial official rule requires players to have a unified set made of pieces that are different in material when compared to their opponent.

I.e. if you're using a cedar set, you shouldn't be playing against someone else with a cedar set. It's not impossible, but clean up is a huge pain in the butt if everyone has the same material set. Clean up at the end of a game where both players are using different material figurines is as easy as TRANSFER CEDAR CARVING FROM BOX TO POUCH, whereas if it's all jumbled together, you're going to need to manually one by one extract your pieces if you still want to keep them.

Since only pewter figurines are being offered, I really shouldn't be recommending everyone to buy it from the festival. But there are LOTS of woodworkers in CLOK. Ask them for a quote on 20 hand crafted figurines! Heck, make it a round 40 and have two sets made of different materials. Go crazy!

here's a list of potential materials to work with, ask your local woodworker today:

and many more!

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Re: Pouch Warriors

Post by Lun » Sun Nov 19, 2017 9:03 pm


Changes to some carvings. Added three new Commodity Carvings and removed them from the basic pool, it made no sense that a profession was a basic warrior type.

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