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EasyRiln for CLOK

Post by ironcross32 » Sat Nov 11, 2017 10:09 pm

I've created a mushclient plugin that lets you get and store riln from any container you choose. It works like this:
type rcont <container name you want to use> and that'll tell the plugin to use it. First though, it would be good to make sure its matchable, for instance, the correct one.

After doing that, you would type easyriln, which is a toggle to turn it on and off. It is off by default so that a new user could create a character with no problem, but it saves its state with mushclient, so if you left it on, it'll stay on.

Finally, simply type an amount of riln in on a blank line and hit return. If you have that amount in that container, you'll pull it out. Storing riln only requires you to precede the number with the letter 'p'. Some examples:
rcont pack

If you are using Artus' soundpack for mushclient, there is one additional step, you need to delete two aliases, they are 10 and 25, which do the same thing, or there may be conflicts.

The link to download is: http://bit.ly/2zA3y5r

That's a dropbox link and if it becomes unavailable, I'll move it to my VPS and host it from there, I just don't feel like doing that tonight.

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