REPORT versus REQUEST, and recent changes

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REPORT versus REQUEST, and recent changes

Post by Jirato » Wed Nov 29, 2017 7:50 pm

So, we've heard your frustrations over the whole "reports aren't logged and may be missed". I agree it's pretty bad that if something goes majorly wrong and there's no GMs online to address it, it could be totally missed for hours until a GM finally comes around to notice it. REPORT has always been meant as a "911" type system (Or 999, for you people across the pond). The hesitation to why it's not been logged though is kind of because a lot of people misuse report. Sometimes I see things like, "report Any GMs on?" or "report Thanks for (generic thing here!)" or some such. I've went ahead and made the switch over to have it being logged, in some manner. It's now broadcast on our discord and pings us with notifications, and also immediately sends the entirety of the GM team an email.

We really, really need to emphasize the proper usage of report though with this new change, because if we start getting spammed with non-emergency text and just general inquiries, I'm probably going to have to undo my changes. So please just be mindful of how and when you use report.

REQUEST is the preferred method of general inquiries, and is also scheduled for an overhaul. The code changes for what I like are significantly more complex than what I just whipped up for REPORT tonight and will likely take some time, but please continue to limit general non-emergency requests to request.

REPORT is also not a substitute for BUG, but if there is a very serious game-breaking bug, feel free to follow up a BUG command with a REPORT command.

Also, If you are ever contacted by a GM, the preferred method of replying to them is the PAGEREPLY command. All player to GM communication should occur via PAGE and PAGEREPLY to maintain accountability (Is visible to all online GMs, not just the GM involved). A player should not be capable of sending TELLs to GMs (something I think I overlooked with the guest nickname system but will be disabling in the future once my request changes are done).
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Re: REPORT versus REQUEST, and recent changes

Post by Mirazia » Tue Sep 04, 2018 8:56 pm

This has been asked about a few times recently, so giving this a lil' bump up for notice.
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