Player homes are NOT intended to be lockpickable

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Player homes are NOT intended to be lockpickable

Post by Jirato » Fri Dec 08, 2017 5:58 am

This came up on discord earlier, just wanted to drop a note here to make a more permanent statement.

If you stumble across a player home door that you can lockpick, you have found a bugged door. Likely the GM who set it up forgot to set the lock difficulty. It is not our intent that locksmiths can break into player homes and steal items. If you find such a home, while in the room with the lockpicked door, please use both the BUG command and the REPORT command. This will notify us via email and discord that there is an unlocked home, so hopefully we can fix it before another player stumbles across it and steals anything.

The only time a legitimate theft could occur from a home is if the thief somehow acquires a key, or a homeowner or tenant forgets to lock their door. While we do not punish thieves who are acting in character as part of playing a member of the Guild of Thieves for legitimately stealing, we do ask that they show restraint. Loss of personal belongings can be very stresaful for a player and we have had people completely quit CLOK over someone stealing all the valuables from their home.
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