Woodland Trail: Updated, now Olrac Trail

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Woodland Trail: Updated, now Olrac Trail

Post by Rias » Sun Apr 29, 2018 7:17 pm

Remember the old Woodland Trail area, that used to have infested poachers and such but has been empty for a while now? It's been udpated! It's now known as Olrac Trail, and has been split into 4 sub-areas:

- Olrac Trail Meadowland: Greatclaw moles are known to make this meadowland their home. Normally happy to ignore humans, they can be dangerous if attacked.
- Olrac Trail Woods: Infested trappers slink around here when they're not hunting and skinning animals in the nearby areas. They're immediately hostile!
- Olrac Trail Hills: Shaggy brown wolverines prowl this area. They're wary of humans and not immediately hostile, but they're more than ready to fight back when attacked!
- Olrac Trail Deep Forest: Infested poachers have claimed this idyllic deep woodland as their own, making camp and doing whatever it is infested poachers do when not hunting the nearby wildlife. Immediately hostile.

No room descriptions have been updated, though that is still an item on the to-do list, as some places in these areas could use a little polish. That's for after more skinnable critters are released, though.

The infested trappers and poachers SHOULD be considered for the various tasks to do with fighting infested. If not, please post here and let me know.

The moles and wolverines are NOT infested, and therefore yield normal pelts and meat. Hooray!
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Re: Woodland Trail: Updated, now Olrac Trail

Post by Lun » Sun Apr 29, 2018 9:06 pm

Sweet digs! Wow! Thank you, staff!

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