A question for users of the VIPmud soundpack

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A question for users of the VIPmud soundpack

Post by autumnrain310 » Wed May 09, 2018 10:22 pm

Hi guys,
I posted a Pm to Merin, but in case the pm didn't work or I didn't send it right, I thought I would post a message here on the suggestion of another player.
Today I saw that the soundpack for vipmud was updated so I downloaded it and unzipped it. The pack came with a read me file and the instructions sounded like what you would do if you were a Vipmud 1 user. However, I'm a Vipmud 2 user, and though I tried to install the soundpack the way many other soundpacks for vipmud 2 would be installed, I wasn't able to get much sound when all was said and done. For example, any talk on any of the channels resulted in a beep from my computer and NVDA saying error. No actual error message, just the word error.
Is anyone else using vipmud 2 and does anyone have any suggestions for how to make this pack work? I can probably keep playing the game without a soundpack,, but would rather have sound if it is available.

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