Revising the Outfit command

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Revising the Outfit command

Post by Kent » Tue Aug 07, 2018 2:42 pm

I had one garment I have been using for a couple years mysteriously forgotten by the Outfit command. The result of this is that several complex outfits I have are now inaccessable because the code thinks the garment is not present when in fact it is, and I have to take the time now to recreate those outfits and set them.

(A GM took a look at the garment, could not find any reason why the code 'forgot' that said garment was one that the Outfit command was indeed looking for.)

That being said, could we remove some unecessary limitations put onto the Outfit command, in particular, it will currently do nothing at all if a piece is missing from the set outfit. Until all the bugs are smoothed out, could the code not go ahead and put on at least all available pieces in the room, and mention 'Some item(s) were not present, type Outfit View <number> to see what is missing' ?

This would also benefit those of us who inadvertently set an outfit including something like a powder horn, then being forever unable to change into that outfit after the powder is used up, etc.

Other things:

Also, I think that if the clothing is on a coat tree, it is considered absent as far as the Outfit command goes, as well as if it is on the floor.

Then there is a limitation of needing a trunk in the room in order to use Outfit at all. This is really an unnecessary prerequisites, isn't it? I mean we can 'strip' directly onto the floor and 'strip armor' directly onto the floor, what would it hurt if we could change our clothes onto the floor in a similar manner?
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