Elemancer Shops

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Elemancer Shops

Post by Alila » Sun Oct 21, 2018 1:33 pm

Hi, me pestering the forums again. ;)

Just some cosmetic requests really--would it be possible to customize our belts and slings with some interesting designs or colors? Also, notebooks or notepads and pretty quills so we can take notes and write things down and be diligent little studious students. Maybe coats as well as robes with the different elemancy colors, or robes made out of warmer fabrics? For the colder months I mean, so if students still want to go dressed about in university clothes. Maybe some of this could be spread out between the Haiban branch and the University, to add some variety?

I know you can just buy books to write in at a bookshop, but having something at the elemancy general supply store I think would make sense?

Also, a little bit related but maybe dumb question, why do wands need special belts to hold them? I mean, why not instead sell wand loops or sleeves that can attach to a regular belt? Sorry if I'm missing something or this is just silly.

Thank you for reading!

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