"Hey! That's supposed to be IC!!!"

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"Hey! That's supposed to be IC!!!"

Post by Jirato » Thu Dec 06, 2018 4:56 pm

Please remember that it can be a bit jarring as a new player asking a QUESTION when three or four people jump on them about asking about something that should be covered over one of the IC channels such as ESP. I'm sure y'all have the best intent, but just immediately going, "Ask that IC" can be a bit off-putting. Additionally, unless you are a mentor or a GM, it really shouldn't be your place to moderate chat and question. If there's no one else on to respond and the person seeking assistance is not getting an answer, tell them if you must, but please consider how you phrase the response instead of just a short "That's IC". You can tell them why it's IC, what the preferred method of asking is, and so on.

For example, if someone asks how they can learn a skill. You can tell them about how when you LOOK at an NPC that offers training, it'll tell you what skills they train and how you can ASK for them. You can also point them to the Skills category on the BBS (http://clok.contrarium.net/index.php?ti ... ory:Skills), where most of the skills have detailed instructions on how to use them as well as a list of available trainers. You could then mention that if they have any questions about where to find a trainer or if they want another character to show them in person, that they can ask for assistance ICly over the ESP pendant.
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Re: "Hey! That's supposed to be IC!!!"

Post by Zeldryn » Thu Dec 06, 2018 5:04 pm

Good post, whole-heartedly agree with it as well. I've been guilty of this myself at times. In fact-- I believe I was guilty of it a bit earlier today.

That being said, if I've ever come off this way to anyone? My apologies! It's never my intent to be jerky or overstep boundaries, but I admittedly can come off that way when I'm trying to answer quickly.

(Not that I thought that this was directed toward me, but after thinking about it, gee, I have done this a few times recently.)

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