Dirty Trick: Weapon Kick

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Dirty Trick: Weapon Kick

Post by Xanthe » Wed Dec 19, 2018 1:19 am

So, as an ability, this seems like something someone sneaky might do.

So, the enemy's been disarmed, and the weapon clatters to the floor.
But the enemy goes to pick it up once more!
The person in question instead kicks the weapon in a direction, and if successful, knocks it out of the room and into another.

Anyway, that's my idea of the.. night. Thank you!

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Re: Dirty Trick: Weapon Kick

Post by Jaster » Wed Dec 19, 2018 6:38 am

Not their precious godsteel weapon! I've been pushing for Dirty Trick: Manure Kick for a while now, myself.

Dirty Trick: Manure Kick
Prerequisites: Stealth 600, Fecalogy 9001
You deliver a sneaky swift kick to a pile of manure laying nearby, sending dung flying at your opponent. If successful, this dirty trick destroys your enemy's olfactory senses and taints them with a pervasive scent of manure, preventing them from grouping with others and reducing their perception and stealth rolls for a given time (or until they wash off). OOC Note: Using this dirty trick does result in condition loss to your feet worn armor, if applicable. Hillfolk rejoice!

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