Choosing between your characters

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Choosing between your characters

Post by Tangela » Thu Jan 10, 2019 1:32 am

half asleep post from my phone: So I'm guessing this is not an uncommon problem, and I'm curious how others deal with it. I have 2 main characters who are very different from one another, but each very fun in their own way. I love them both. They both give me something interesting to explore and think about. But they are both in many ways very time consuming characters, both in rp and in skillgaining. They both have plots I love, and want to be a part of. But playing them both isn't really that doable, mostly because of how consuming they both are, in terms of rp and skill. To say nothing of wanting not to get sucked in and wanting to have the time to dedicate to other hobbies. Luckily, I can read while skillgrinding, but I like rp! for those of you with numerous characters, or just a few very demanding characters in terms of time and rp and skill, as well as just ... mental resources, because idk about anyone else, but I think about my characters even when I'm not playing them, how do you choose between them? How do you balance them and your real life things? Do you find you can play multiple intense characters and successfully play more than one? If not, how do you choose which to play at any given time?

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Re: Choosing between your characters

Post by Nobody » Thu Jan 10, 2019 7:24 am

I tend to have two characters to balance where one is a loner and another is not. That makes the question of which to play become "do I want to interact with other players?" and I usually know the answer to that one. You could try to come up with a similar question that divides your two characters. However, given that you like to rp with both, that will mean a heavier dependence on other players and you may just want to announce a set schedule (even days vs odd days or even weeks vs odd weeks). If you don't feel like playing the scheduled character you could devote the time to other hobbies. Scheduling provides a similar answer for balancing other life demands and other hobbies.

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Re: Choosing between your characters

Post by Tamsin » Thu Jan 10, 2019 2:29 pm

I don't choose what character to play. I let whatever character wants to be played the most choose me. Or something like that.

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