Reminder of Policy 3

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Reminder of Policy 3

Post by Mirazia » Fri Jan 11, 2019 3:19 am

This is a post I do not wish to write, but feel required to as a reminder and perhaps even a further clarification to Policy 3 regarding disruptive behaviour including third party software.

The staff of CLOK do not under any circumstances accept any form of disruptice behaviour or harrassment within the game. This includes harassment coming to our players and their characters via third party software such as Discord that is a threat to a player and/or their character in the game.

We cannot stop people discussing current IC events OOC, much as I would like to. We also cannot stop players planning small RP sessions between themselves, such as "Oh we should log on and host a hunting party!" That example is fine. What we will step in with is if someone threatens a player, telling them if they don't so what they say, they'll ruin their character, be it through constant PK, threatening to reveal their guild or turning other characters against them. Not only is this behaviour disgusting, it is also childish. We will have no High School Politics in CLOK and depending on how serious the offense is, will likely result in a ban from a few weeks to permanent.

If you want a character to do what you tell them, do it IN CHARACTER and IN GAME and face the consequences of that action.

I would request everyone re-read Policy 3 and refresh themselves.

Thank you.
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Re: Reminder of Policy 3

Post by Jaster » Fri Jan 11, 2019 6:47 am

I would say anyone who really needs this would not, even after reading this post, go and re-read Policy 3 (I know I won't). It would be a great idea to post it verbatim and in its entirety in this thread!

Of course, maybe you did and I just don't know it. You know, since I didn't go re-read it...

Edit: I mean this heartily and constructively, not as an ass-mouth. I applaud you for your dedication to the rules.

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Re: Reminder of Policy 3

Post by Shainar » Fri Jan 11, 2019 9:13 am

policy 3
-=Disruptive Behavior=-

Because CLOK is a free multi-player game, there can sometimes be a conflict between individual players who have different ideas regarding what they
find to be entertaining. Staff members have the final say in these areas.

CLOK is designed for the enjoyment of everyone, and as a general rule, any behavior which is specifically targeted to lessen that enjoyment for another
player may be in violation of CLOK policy. While what is disruptive would be a very long list, it includes things such as harassment of any kind,
griefing, sexual advances, identity theft and impersonation, and actions specifically targeted to be disruptive to another person's gaming experience.

Staff members have the final say in all matters, but consequences for disruptive behavior many include being banned from OOC chat, or banned entirely
from the game.

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