skill gain bonus

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skill gain bonus

Post by Eagalon » Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:52 pm

I am just going to suggest this, it would depend how many people show their support in order for this to become a request. The idea is that how about instead of pop-based skill gain bonus, it is converted into a weekend-based skill gain bonus? it would allow everyone to benefit from it no matter at what time they log in during weekends.
There is another way but I personally think it wont take hold but am going to put it here anyway, who knows which way the wind will blo? xd.
The other suggestion is that keep the pop-based skill gain bonus and add a weekend-based bonus as well, but pop-based bonus could be disabled on weekends so that not to give double and tripple amounts of xp. the reason i suggested the second one is because keeping the pop-bonus would help if an icly event is going on.
I apologize for my lack of elequent language because I am not a native speaker so pardon me if I made any mistakes.
Please do post your thoughts and support if you guys think that it should become a request for the devs.

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Re: skill gain bonus

Post by artus » Thu Sep 12, 2019 11:01 pm

The reason why the bonus is there in the first place is to encourage players to play clok. The more the merrier we'd say. But the benefit kinda falls more toward western folks since day time for us means night time for them, and not many eastern players are around to balance it out either. It can kind of be in the morning, but compared to our night time when player count climbs pretty high, we kinda fall behind. And I've seen some eastern players try to stay up the whole night to benefit from the gain before, and they ruined their health after. While the gain itself doesn't do very very much, a lot of people who fall behind the benefit seem to want the benefit too. That's why I encourage this idea. However, it's still up to the majority and you gms to consider the idea. I myself don't have any preference since I don't even care about the skillgain. But it'd still be nice if everyone can equally benefit from it too. I don't know how many of you work during weekend though. Wouldn't be a good idea if a lot of you folks do.
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