guild tasks and task masters

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guild tasks and task masters

Post by mercer » Thu Oct 10, 2019 8:33 am

So far it has been get a task, do the task, and turn it in to any task master. What if each taskmaster for a guild gave different sorts of tasks?

different people in groups, specialize in different things, one person for instance would deal more with the area around a specific town or For instance one might deal with healing herbs while one actually deals with healing requests that come from infirmaries While yet another deals with giving out of donations to the pour.

People can already choose what tasks they do with the ability to remove them, so why not take it a step further. People would be inclined to explore more and seek out different taskmasters without going back and forth to the same towns. or trekking half way a crossed the world to kill a crab or find some yora root.
I'm guessing it would take some work because each guild is different, but I'm interested to know what people think.

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