Dark Souls-3 Rook Build

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Dark Souls-3 Rook Build

Post by TheCacklackian » Mon Oct 14, 2019 7:17 pm

I plan to play a rook Parlour themed character in the future on Dark Souls 3, these were the ideas for spell replacements. The build would likely be INT/FAITH, and use a mix of Pyromancies, sorceries, and miracles.

I dunno, it's a pointless post, but why not!

Crystal Chime(Closest thing to a blood talisman that can cast both sorceries and miracles.
Pyromancer's Flame(Sadly there is no black fire variant, but this will do just fine for what it's used for)

Spell List:
Raw Cast (Sorcery)-Can be a lot of things, I personally like great soul dregs[Dark sorcery]. If preferred, black orb[Dark Pyromancy] would fit this slot as well. In the early levels, deep soul[Dark Sorcery] would be the most true to theme.

Raw Cast (Cryomancy)-Not much really fits this slot, if you wanted to use any variation of soul arrow[Sorcery], or soul spear,[Sorcery] those would work. I'd say the most thematic, but least effective may just be snap freeze[Sorcery].

Leech Essence(Sorcery):Lifehunt Scythe[Miracle] kind of fits this.

Soul Harvest-Only one that seems even close is Dead Again[Dark Miracle]

Raisu's Cryosorcerous Disc(Sorcery)-Magic Shield[Sorcery], then greater Magic Shield[Sorcery], for best theme, use a small round shield.

Shadow Martyr(Sorcery)-Deep protection[Dark Miracle] is the best for this spell theme wise.

Command Nethrim(Sorcery)-Only one that really works for this slot is Rapport[Pyromancy]

Ice barbs(Cryomancy)-Crystal Magic weapon for effectiveness, Frozen weapon[Sorcery] for thematic purposes. I don't see a varation of this that works for armour, except possibly going into using iron flesh[Pyromancy], though that doesn't look even remotely like ice.

Minor Haunt(Sorcery)-Only one I can think of off the top of my head that would fit this slot is Affinity[Dark Sorcery]

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