A Dreaded List of Questions Thread

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A Dreaded List of Questions Thread

Post by Alila » Wed Oct 16, 2019 9:46 am


Slowly, this list has been growing very large! I have attempted to remove any questions which are best researched ic. Mostly, these are lore and culture questions which would be difficult to ask anywhere else or which seem okay to answer oocly. Sorry there are so many and for the lack of cohesiveness, and thank you for spending some time reading them; answers from anyone would be super appreciated and welcome, but not at all necessary. Speculation and silliness are also okay!

Here is the list:
  • cultures and religion:
    • Why do Rhuidim speak Nuum?
    • Do the Nuum use druidry?
    • The kukri at the Octum festival mention they are knives used by the Angawatu people. Who are they and what are their traditions and beliefs?
    • Does the scarab beetle have any cultural or religious significance?
    • How is elemancy viewed outside of Nuum and Grum?
      • Is it taught or are the elements emphasized differently across different cultures?
    • Has ice cream been invented in Arad?
    • Is there a reason for the popularity of the color blue in the Lost Lands? It seems to be the only thing Mistveil and Lapis can agree upon! ;)
  • history and geography:
    • How long was the kingdom of Aetgard in existence and when was it formed, compared to the other nations?
    • Is there any lore or history for the University of Elemancy in the Lost Lands?
    • Are their dunwyr outside of the Lost Lands?
    • Who was Ammun and what did he do, besides being a nuumic ruler?
    • Why is it always raining or snowing in the Dwaedn Vil?
    • Where is the highest place in the Lost Lands?
      • In Arad?
  • magic and science:
    • Can nethrium be or has it been used beyond weapons an armors for its always-cold properties, like a magic freezer?
      • Would contact with iron or exposure to heat harm nethrium?
    • Have there ever been any experiments with reflecting or refracting thaumaturgic light?
    • What is enchantment and how does it relate to channeling?
  • nature:
    • Are there more unique or exotic creatures on Arad that do not exist in the real world, such as drakes or giant scorpions or yetis, which cannot be mechanically found or do not exist in the Lost Lands?
      • Conversely, are there any real world creatures which are considered mythological or super rare or simply do not exist?
    • What are the opinions about drakolin within and outside the Lost Lands?
    • Are opinions regarding the resen relationship to the gaea as universally divided as they are in the Huec culture?
      • Does the Gaea respond differently to the harming of resen animals?
    • Are undying only humans, or can there be undying horses or other animals?
    • Is voidsalt obtainable outside of the Eidhmorh Flats, and is it dangerous to eat, or are there ways of preparing it safely?
      • Can a gm please say yes so Alila can continue to bake voidsalted caramel shortbread cookies? ;)

And that is everything thus far! Maybe?
Thank you again!

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Re: A Dreaded List of Questions Thread

Post by Kiyaani » Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:42 am

I'm not going to step in too much on this, but we can discuss in discord if you like. I will however point you to a single line on the wiki that might help with why no one knows anything about the Angawatu: Nilbindu is a continent southwest of Arad, populated by the Angawatu peoples.


I would suggest that since it's another continent, not much is known about them and that may be intentional. They don't seem to have traveled to Arad like those from Constantia did so there will be less information.


As for Nuumic and Rhuidim, Rias posted this in a previous thread: Giganti, Nuum, and the Rhuidim are all very protective of their languages. (The Rhuidim have their own language?! Yeah, I'm leaning toward that. Probably heavily based on Nuum.)


While it doesn't say "why" it's based on Nuum, I think it has to do with how the land was before those from Constantia came over and rocked the boat. The pre-Rhuidim would have been living in a much larger area and probably co-mingled somewhat with the Nuumic races. Their languages being similar would be part of that.

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Re: A Dreaded List of Questions Thread

Post by Kiyaani » Wed Oct 16, 2019 10:57 am

Also Rhuidim didn't used to have a 2nd language at all. It got added in later (kind of retconned into character creation) and Nuum was used instead of Rhuidic or whatever their actual language is at that time. So I'm not sure if it's just a placeholder or actually what it is supposed to be. It could be that since the languages are meant to be similar anyway they decided it would make sense for the race to understand Nuumic regardless.

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