Elemancy Severance expansion

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Elemancy Severance expansion

Post by Sneaky » Tue Mar 24, 2020 2:37 pm

The ability description reads as follows:
Information on Elemental Severance:

This technique allows an Elemancer to sever a target's control over an active elemental channel by detecting and identifying the target's channel, then injecting gaps and other disturbances into the target's channel pattern. This abrupt severance will cause the target to lose a large amount of energy from the severed channel, and will often cause a brief burst of the now-uncontrolled elemental energy to strike the target. Success will require the Elemancer to overpower the target's control over the channel, and will be significantly easier to achieve if the Elemancer is currently channeling the same element that is being severed.
(OOC: Cause a target to lose an active elemental channel, lose some energy, and be negatively affected by the lost control over that element. Success is based on the caster's skill versus the the target's skill in the applicable element. A bonus to success rate is applied if the caster is channeling the same element as the one being severed.)

This ability seems like it should be something inate to elemancers in general, given that its channeling cost is so low. This seems more like a friendly way to duel someone. There aren't many NPC things that cast elemancy, and the ones that do are easier to deal with by being quicker, rather than disabling them.
However, I could see the value in an ability that allowed one to expand upon this knowledge, and be able to disrupt the pattern formed before it has time to complete. It could act like arrow deflect does, where you have a chance, based off of your skill in the elemancy type being used and channeling, to negate the attack being made against you completely in exchange for 10 energy.
Something like the following:
Harry hurls a bolt of flame at Snape!
Snape seems to concentrate intensely, and The bolt vanishes before reaching them!
In this case, Harry wouldn't experience any energy loss, other than what he had from the open channels, and Snape wouldn't get hit, but would lose 10 energy.
I don't play my elemancer that often, but I know there are quite a few of them about now. If anybody has any other input, that'd be great.
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