Stomach growling audible for other characters

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Stomach growling audible for other characters

Post by Kent » Sun May 17, 2020 3:42 pm

Currently if you're really hungry, you can hear your stomach growl but no one else can.

I have two requests, one easy to add in to the current game, one more complex and would take some coding:

Easy: It would be more realistic if it were possible to hear someone else's stomach growling also. It could enhance rp by giving a reason to offer food, and in extreme cases, to know why someone just died in front of you for no apparent reason. So whenever a player has a stomach grumbling message, just have the code broadcast that to the entire room.

A more complex request would be, if someone is dying of hunger, they don't die instantly but fall unconscious and pass in and out of consciousness for 10 minutes (hunger would hit you something like cold does, with increasingly greater energy drains every two minutes or fall unconscious and regain some energy while prone but if you don't eat, a larger energy drain is coming. All the while other characters in the room hear your stomach growling periodically, as well as seeing you pass out).
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Re: Stomach growling audible for other characters

Post by Jaster » Wed May 20, 2020 5:49 am

Also, please transmit bathroom sounds to the room outside of water closets.

"A sound reaches your ears emitted from the water closet to the north. *SplOosH!*
You hear someone whisper, 'That was a gift.'
You mumble, 'That's a dead kid.'"

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