adding limited markets in some communities

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adding limited markets in some communities

Post by Lemuel » Fri Jun 19, 2020 4:46 pm

It would be nifty to see certain places have small markets added to them; two such places that come to mind would be the Chapterhouse and Dwaedyn Vil.

These markets would be limited in two ways:

First of all, these lesser markets would only deal in a few items that make sense. For example, they would buy pelts and leathers and furs, but they would not buy a vast array of metals. Dwaedyn Vil's weapon store sells a lot of bronze weapons, so it makes sense for Dwaedyn Vil's limited market to buy bronze, plus those universal currency metals of gold and silver. The Chapterhouse's limited market would buy broadheads and branches as well as pelts and leathers. I would think both these markets would buy meats similar to the foods sold in their local inns, eg goat and elk meat in Dwaedyn Vil, and both, of course, would buy herbs.

Also, these limited markets would pay a bit less than a town market, say only 85% of the price, and have a maximum of perhaps only thirty identical items before saturation.

Thank you for your consideration of this fantastic idea. :)

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